The Cut

Our secret weapon here: The local Atlanta production community. (read: heroes) We had a tight budget and they gave us a big-budget feel. Here, we worked direct-to-client—so we were partners in the creative process as well as production. Find yourself a production company that can do both.

CG Allergies Insurance

For a new CG online video we chose to shoot a simple set-up with some…unique… face prosthetics. Just another coverage message from our favorite CG spokes person, Aunt Angie.

Grady Correll Pavilion

To introduce the Grady Correll Pavilion we brought in top-notch director, Ritesh Gupta and unbelievable DP, Eric Koretz to bring it to life. We used a local crew and shot it all in Atlanta. The spot takes us through time in our city from the 1960s to the present day (Warning: this is going to make you nostalgic AF).

Frontdoor Contractor

They might not wear capes, but when the AC breaks in July, Frontdoor Pros are nothing short of local heroes. To showcase this, we shot video content that follows the story of a contractor through a typical workday and celebrates his service to his customers—from the moment he wakes up to the moment he comes home.

Frontdoor Website video

On the Frontdoor website, we created a video that used sick… we mean…slick motion graphics and seamless animation to guide new users and site visitors.

Krystal Main Thing

We shot four spots in one day for Krystal’s Side Chick campaign. The focus was food, making sure every shot looked delicious and appetizing (i.e. saucy, juicy, omg-why-am-I-so-hungry vibes). Each spot starred the well-known influencer, Brittany Renner who wanted to be part of our campaign and brought main chick energy to every take.

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