Aunt Angie 99 Claims

We introduced Aunt Angie as a new insurance character for CG in the Caribbean. Her scenes ranged from the usual causal convos to the…unusual. We’re talking hang-gliding with goats, dinners with sultans, and monster truck rallies. Quite a few moving parts to say the least. So we built the sets virtually using a production LED wall and brought every wild scene to life.

The Cut

Our secret weapon here: The local Atlanta production community. (read: heroes) We had a tight budget and they gave us a big-budget feel. Here, we worked direct-to-client—so we were partners in the creative process as well as production. Find yourself a production company that can do both.

Grady Correll Pavilion

To introduce the Grady Correll Pavilion we brought in top-notch director, Ritesh Gupta and unbelievable DP, Eric Koretz to bring it to life. We used a local crew and shot it all in Atlanta. The spot takes us through time in our city from the 1960s to the present day (Warning: this is going to make you nostalgic AF).

Frontdoor Website video

On the Frontdoor website, we created a video that used sick… we mean…slick motion graphics and seamless animation to guide new users and site visitors.

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